The New Łomża Jewish Cemetery Renovation Project
2011 Report




In the spring of 2010, an important agreement was reached between our Foundation and the State Penitentiary in Czerwony Bór, near Łomża. The purpose of the agreement is to provide for the upkeep of the Łomża Jewish Cemetery while at the same time helping educate the inmates who are about to be released.

The agreement is part of the “Tikkun-Naprawa” project initiated and carried out by Polish and Israeli penitentiary services. Also key has been the Catholic center for homeless ex-convicts, Przystanek na Drodze (“A step on the way”), led by Father Adam Jabłonski, a prison chaplain.

The summer of 2011 was particularly successful. Current and former inmates worked daily, weather permitting, on cutting grass, spraying and removing weeds and getting the cemetery into presentable shape. The Foundation provided supplies, equipment and refreshments. The work was coordinated by our Łomża-based vice president, Mr. Kazimierz Szczechura.

In the future, we hope to expand the work beyond maintenance and include some restoration as well, depending on the availability of funds.

The Foundation wishes to thank the Czerwony Bór State Penitentary and Mr. Darek Śmiechowski the re-education director, as well as Father Adam Jabłoński, for their invaluable contributions in our common effort to preserve this most precious memorial of  Polish-Jewish history.

Photos by Darek  Śmiechowski

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