The New Łomża Jewish Cemetery
2012 - 2014 Report


In the spring of 2012 the ownership of the Cemetery was transferred from the City of Lomża to the Warsaw based Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland.

In November 2012, the new fences and gates were placed on the Southwest (below) Northeast (right)  sides.


The Southeast side remains essentially open as the fence wall erected in 1992 on the occasion of the visit of Israel's President Chaim Herzog gradually deteriorated (below and map) with a help of local bums (below & map).


At the same time the Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland entrusted the care of the cemetery to the "Dobra Prowincja Foundation."

The new custodians resigned in November, 2013.

In May of 2014 we resumed our, by then, a long commitment to the Łomża Jewish Cemetery at Boczna street by bringing the cemetery back ito presentable shape.

This was carried out in the cooperation with the State Penitentiary in Czerwony Bór near Łomża and the Catholic center for homeless ex-convicts, Przystanek na Drodze (“A step on the way”)  the object was bought back to a presentable shape.

(Nov. 2014 - below left; May 2014 - below right)



In fact, this year we were able to clean the entire grounds, including the previously overgrown and thought to be empty SE corner,  where a pile of tombstones was discovered. They must have been there for at least 20 years, as Izaak Karbowski, (the only headstone in Polish in the pile) is not included on the Jewish Historical Institute list that was completed in the early 1990's.


Below the present state of the burial preparation house (Cheder Hatahara). Front (left), back (right)


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