The New Łomża Jewish Cemetery
2016 Report



In 2016 the cemetery was cared for in continued  cooperation with the State Penitentiary in Czerwony Bór near Łomża and the Catholic center for homeless ex-convicts, Przystanek na Drodze (“A step on the way”).   




The recovered headstones story

In the summer of 2014  about 20 plied up headstones and headstone fragments were discovered in the Southeast corner.Their placement indicated that they were moved form the nearby empty site turned  into a soccer field for poor kids after WWII. The next year they were placed face up in the area of their presumed origin.

In the meantime another partially buried pile of at least 50 headstones and fragments was discovered in a deep ravine along the Southeast border. Initially, their number, a difficult to access site and limited resources precluded timely recovery. However, thanks to an unprecedented generosity of  Ms. Lorraine Korn and Ms. Kathy Sheets, by the early December 2016 all the artifacts were returned to the area of their presumed original location.

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A detailed photographic documentation of the recovered  headstones will be published in May 2017.


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