The New Lomza Jewish Cemetery Renovation Project
August 2003 Progress Report

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August 1998

June 2002

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As indicated in our August 2002 report, the lack of funds has forced us to put the restoration process on hold and to concentrate on preventing regrowth of an extremly destructive brush that once covered about a third of the cemetery (left). At the same time weeds were allowed to grow as a way of suppressing germination of brush seeds (right).
Yes, we know that grass should have been sewn immediately but we could not afford that at the time.

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In August Marek Kaminski, MD, George Puchall, Lt. Colonel USAF (Retired), and Antoni Dudo, the theree officers of the Foudation  that administer the project on daily basis met in Lomza. [August 2003 Lomza Meeting]  
We wish to emphasize that none of these officers receives any compensation for their work. Nor are they reimbursed for out of pocket expenses including travel to Lomza. We are reiterating this fact because the Foundation is in a financial crisis. The officers
of the Foundation met in Lomza in early August and explored all options
open to us. We determined that we simply did not have the funds to
continue raising headstones. It was decided that the little money we have
left will be best used to try to keep the cemetery clean.